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We met Terry de Havilland in a charming hotel in Paris thanks to?Sarenza

?.?The reason for our meetup is none other than the presentation of "Very sexy shoes", a new initiative of the online portal for the Londoner has created a unique model "oh la la!" Held in snake skin, with rhinestone heart detail on the sole and limited edition.?During our meeting we are not alone, and a select group of international journalists will find your witty wife, Liz.?As the saying goes,

behind every great man is a great woman

?, and in the case of Terry de Havilland was not going to be less.?In the late '70s, a young designer, he fell in love with the creations of Terry.?"I had heard a lot about him and I loved all his work. A mutual friend introduced me to him, and although at first I thought he was gay, we ended up falling in love in a short time," says Liz laughing itself.?Since then, they are inseparable.?

Together they form one of the most successful tandem

?world of fashion thanks to the expertise of Terry and creativity of his wife."Only two of us in the studio and do not have time. Our ideas usually arise after dinner, when we are relaxed" feature.?From Inspiration go directly to the action, creating from scratch the model that Terry has in mind.?"The role I can see every inch of the shoe, I prefer to do it in three dimensions", reveals the designer.?Once intervenes Liz charge of the decorations, down to the smallest detail.?"I do not differentiate colors well and she is the one who brings a special touch," he continues.?A formula that takes more than 30 years using and have no plans to change.?"?

I make shoes that people expect from me, but would not Terrry de Havilland

?"explains the designer.?Havilland The idiosyncrasy?Innovative and groundbreaking, commitment to color, comfort, practicality and new techniques are part of their label.?Hence do not understand work as his professional colleague Christian Louboutin: "He believes that women should suffer with some shoes and it is not so, is a bad attitude," said Terry de Havilland, trying to emphasize that it is of those who have their feet on the ground: "?

I make art, I just think shoes

?, "he says.?Precisely this is the maximum that has tried to impress upon his disciples as Jimmy Choo, his student at the University of Arts London, which is considered a true eminence.?The reason is clear: "I have always created shoes fetish, unusual, and that's like," says Terry.?much like that, he confessed in an interview in English, to the very?

Miuccia Prada copied one of her designs a few years ago

?.?Apparently, the Italian is "inspired" in their collections, and after a long legal process, reached an agreement under which it would be responsible for redecorating the Havilland have north London.?What began as a big stick to the designer, finally leave a good impression with a home magazine and a great marketing campaign relaunched its name to the top.?But if there was someone who got the English appeared in the mainstream sector that is?

Kate Moss

?.?For though Terry always had a large fan platform, was the top among the most promotion top of his creations made ??by all fashion editorials.?In fact, some towering platforms bright red with the words "Fuck me, fuck you" were discussed wedding gift designer to her friend, whose image went around the world.?New Goals?Bringing more than 50 years in the business is not something that restrain Terry de Havilland.?

Their motivation is still intact

?, and although it has in mind projects as launching its own line of handbags and accessories, it is considered the design of clothing.?Prefer to keep doing what we know: creating shoes.?And not just for women, the idea is back its origins to the '70s where he started creating the famous?creepers?for men: "You might start a line male as now I do just for me and some friends" explains.?few designs that may also move at women to try to further open market.?Because although it is among those who think that not all shoes look good to everyone, is very clear what he wants: "?

Every woman should have a Terry de Havilland in her closet

?", says with a laugh.?